Our first name, “Restoration” comes from our desire to embody a complete Gospel; a reaction against the idea that the message of Jesus is just that He came to offer us as individuals forgiveness of sins. While we affirm that Jesus alone offers forgiveness of sins, the Gospel is about much more. We believe that the forgiveness of sins is the means to an end, not the end itself; that we accept the work of Jesus on the Cross as truth, that it is the beginning of our story, not the end. If we could choose a word that summarizes the Gospel, it would be restoration. The restoration of all things. It’s a big dream. But it’s God’s dream and it starts right where we are. Let’s go.

res•to•ra•tion Noun/,restǝ’rāSHǝn/

1. The return of something to a former owner, place, or condition.

2. The restitution of something taken away or lost.



"Skin in the Game"


Every Sunday @ 9:30am, at the Arvada Center