Restoration Covenant Church | Arvada, Colorado

And Justice For All

... And Justice For All 



Passion-less, hypocritical, cold religion  – these are things that turn the stomach of both genuine Christians and non-Christians alike. To profess faith in Jesus, but live a life totally different than He would have lived is unpalatable to many. Yet, whether religious or not, no one is quite the person they’d like to be. And not many people surpass the standard that they set for others. We are all people who struggle to practice what we preach. We are all hypocrites in need of grace. That is why we need to hear the message of Amos. This Old Testament prophet challenged God’s people to give up on their counterfeit religion and embrace true religion – one that worships God rightly, and is marked by love for God and neighbor. We hope this series will challenge all of us to strive for a faith that is humble and genuine.