Restoration Covenant Church | Arvada, Colorado




We are an authentic faith community on a journey together, intent on restoring relationships with God, between ourselves, in our neighborhoods, and throughout the wider world.



We strive to recognize and participate in the Kingdom of God and to be a people that live inviting and distinct lives of discipleship.



  • We value the tension and mystery inherent in faith, and we look for God to move in often surprising ways.
  • We value simplicity as God calls us to live in a culture of excess.
  • We value hospitality, and we offer belonging to people wherever they are in their belief or non-belief.
  • We value prayer and the Bible: they draw us closer to our Triune God—and his purposes, action, and power.
  • We value sharing stories. They connect generations, break down walls, and help us remember we are not alone.
  • We value the idea that faith includes taking risks, especially the risk of being vulnerable with others.
  • We value evangelism, sharing the extraordinary good news of Jesus in word and deed.
  • We value family, and provide space for the entire family to belong.