Here are three ways you can profess and grow in your faith, while serving the church through that display. Click on each to find out more and we'll be happy to share more with you personally. 


  • Baptism

    Why, What, Who, When, Where? All of your questions about baptism answered here! We'd love to talk more about what this means individually and collectively. 



    Faithwalking is one of the tools for growth and spiritual formation we've wholeheartedly invested in, and sent several people through the process. Click here to read about the next "101 Retreat," which would be the first step in Faithwalking "equipping you to live the fully human, fully alive, missional life."


  • Membership

    Membership can be a scary word to some, teeming with commitment and rules. We want to layout what this means for us instead, as a step of obedience if you call this place home. 


  •  Prayer

    Prayer is a high value at Restoration! Read through this page to learn more and find out how to connect through prayer.