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BE. BECOME. DO. - What Jesus Means by Discipleship - "Do What Jesus Did (Does)" [Ryan Ashley]

Matthew 4:18-5:1, Matthew 8:18-22, Matthew 9:9-13, Matthew 28:16-20, 2 Peter 2:11-12

How do we actually do what he did? As apprentices of Jesus, we are called to not only follow Jesus in spirit but we are called to continue his work on earth as it is in heaven. This means healing the sick, praying for the lost, opening up our homes and our lives to those far from God. The end goal is to do what he did. In this teaching, we explore the next steps in forming our lives around the practices of Jesus.

Four stages to Apprentice

Stage 1: I do, you watch

Stage 2: I do, you help

Stage 3: You do, I help

Stage 4: You do, I watch


Meaning the end-goal to apprenticeship to Jesus is to do what he did.

Definition of Church:

A community of followers of Jesus, seeking to discover the teachings of Jesus and the practices of the early church and apply them to the soil of a post-Christian world.


1. Intentional Spiritual Formation

2. Know your stage of discipleship and season of life.

3. Do not underestimate the power of practicing the way of Jesus in community.


There is a special evangelistic work to be done, of course, and there are special callings to it. But if those churches really are enjoying fullness of life, evangelism will be unstoppable and largely automatic. The local assembly, for its part, can then become an academy where people throng from the surrounding community to learn how to live. It will be a school of life (for a disciple is but a pupil, a student) where all aspects of that life seen in the New Testament records are practiced and mastered under those who have themselves mastered them through practice. Only by taking this as our immediate goal can we intend to carry out the Great Commission.”

Dallas Willard


4. Start with the basics: Eat with people far from God.

5. Live in the moment, as people of the future

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