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Teachings from Sunday Services

Mile Markers: Reflecting on the Journey - Your Stage of the Journey [Ryan Ashley]

Luke 9:57-62, 1 Cor. 13:11, Hebrews 5:12,

1 Peter 2:2, 1 John 2:12-13, John 15:5; 17:23

Order of Slides:

Luke 9:57-62

1 Cor. 13:11, Hebrews 5:12, 1 Peter 2:2, 1 John 2:12-13

 “The three groups represent three different stages of spiritual pilgrimage. The little children are those newborn in Christ. The young men are more developed Christians, strong and victorious in spiritual warfare while the fathers possess the depth and stability of ripe Christian experience.”

John Stott


 “Spiritual Journey paradigms provide the perspective that there yet remains much ground to be gained spiritually. Stage theory, moreover, provides a comprehensive frame of reference for the journey. It helps us gain clarity as to where we are presently located on the continuum of maturity in Christ. It aids heighten understanding of the contours we must yet travel on the course. It assists us not to repeat past mistakes and to avoid future pitfalls. It will likely alert us to season of testing, crisis, and dark nights yet to come. It will inform us of valuable resources that can enrich prayer experience, facilitate emotional and spiritual healing, and deepen a transforming relationship with Christ.”

Bruce Demarest

 “This means we can be in different stages in different areas. In one area we may be well along the path to wholeness, while in another area God is just beginning to awaken us to another part of our life that needs transformation. Since God always leaves us free to reject transformation, it is also possible for us to regress in this process. This our Christian pilgrimage is a complex, multifaceted, multilevel ebb and flow relationship with God.”

Robert Mulholland - Invitation to a Journey

Teresa of Ávila

“No one becomes so advanced that they don’t often have to return to the beginning.”

1. Awakening – Pre-stage 

2. Purgation

3. Illumination

 “Obedience to Jesus in all things is the journey. Obedience is a far more creative, proactive, grace-powered, intelligent way of life than is normally thought in our day. The obedience Jesus called for requires judgment, discernment, creativity and initiative. It is about becoming an excellent person not an excellent rule follower. In fact, an obsessive concern with following rules will hinder your development in becoming the kind of person that does what Jesus says.”

John Ortberg

4. Union

John 15:5

John 17:23

What are the invitations to me in this stage of my apprenticeship to Jesus?