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1 Corinthians has much to say to the modern world. No letter in the New Testament, even Paul’s letter to the Romans, does more to explain the grace of God, the lordship of Jesus, and the work of the Holy Spirit.

Without doubt, the first letter to the Corinthians is controversial but also quite practical as Paul applies the gospel to daily life in the church. Ironically, a letter written to unify the church has proven to be a source of great division historically. Controversy abounds, it seems, when discussing sex, divorce, spiritual gifts, women speaking in church, church discipline, and Christian liberty.

More than anything, first letter to the Corinthians is vital for the church today. This is a letter for us today because, while we claim to be more connected than ever, everything in our world feels more divided than ever. Our culture is divided politically, socially, economically, even recreationally. Even the church-culture is divided by denominations, schools of theology, church networks, “coalitions” of pastors who do conferences, blogs, books, and podcasts. Disunity is crouching at our door and this letter is written to unify us.

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